Our firm is the only Greek member of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), a global network of law firms with expertise in advertising and media law issues. In view of our GALA membership, foreign major corporations often assign to our firm to review their commercials and request from us “clearance” for advertising directed to the Greek market.

  • For example we reviewed a TV commercial and advised on potential legal risk arising from comparative advertising. In another occasion, we advised in relation to two commercials addressed to children and we also assisted in the terms of a promotional contest conducted through the internet.
  • We are advised a client with the acquisition of a new radio station facing administrative problems with its operation license.
  • We successfully represented one of the leading market research agencies in Greece, active in the area of Commercial Communications/ Advertising, in its dispute with a Greek radio station owned by the biggest and most influential publisher in the mass media industry.
  • Our firm was asked by an international IP /TMT experts’ referral network which provides services to international media companies throughout Europe to advise on a matter of TV content distribution.
  • On instructions of a manufacturer of prestigious leather bags and accessories with presence in 45 countries, we recently reviewed some of the client’s labels on leather and textile products for compliance with Greek and EU labelling regulations.
  • We are advising major advertisers on advertising clearance issues, having reviewed several commercials (of alcoholic drinks, credit cards, online gambling sites etc) and terms of promotional contests, including chance based promotions.
  • We also assist a major Greek company which is the copyright holder of foreign tv series on Antipiracy issues, drafting penal complaints for copyright infringements via the internet.
  • Our firm regularly undertakes the drafting of website terms and the privacy policies for many of our clients including of a new web-tv channel.