Real Estate – Constructions

The firm is specialized in this field, particularly in relation to the purchase of real estate by foreigners in Greek border areas where the purchase of real estate is usually problematic.

  • The firm actively represents clients who are primarily foreigners who wish to develop and finance investments in real estate assets in Greece and abroad. These investments are primarily commercial, relating to shopping malls, office buildings and other commercial uses or personal, such as summer homes, etc. In this context, the firm provides regular advice to its clients on issues such as land planning requirements, building permits, forested areas, etc. It also deals with issues of joint ownership, lessor-lessee relationships as well as financial leasing agreements and other forms of financing.
  • Some real estate issues handled by the firm over recent years:
  • Planning and support during negotiations for a co-ownership agreement for the first shopping mall in Romania in Bucharest.
  • Planning and negotiation of an agreement to construct facilities worth 10 million Euro for catering services at the Athens International Airport and monitoring of the construction plans from commencement to completion.
  • Ownership transfer of real estate belonging to a foreign company in Attica worth a total of 4 million euro coupled with resolution of a range of legal problems such as removal of encumbrances, re-negotiation of loan agreements, exporting foreign exchange, etc.).
  • Our firm has advised and represented real estate investors (both Greeks and foreigners) in transactions of a total value of 10 million Euros.
  • We have assisted a traditional client of our firm to conclude the liquidation of its investment in Romania which included the transfer of his interests/ownership rights over a Commercial Mall in Bucharest (the total value of the relevant transaction was in excess of 10 million Euros overall).
  • We are advising a client in relation to his way out/liquidation of an investment made in Georgia and related to the transfer of ownership/control over a Resort Hotel in this country.
  • In the past year we have represented a large number of clients, both Greek and foreigners, in transactions of property sale and purchase, acquisitions by reason of inheritance, bank-loan funding, negotiations with banking institutions, etc, and we have provided our services from the initial stages of the procedure – legal due diligence of the property, coordination of all professionals involved in the procedure, such as civil engineers, real estate agents, accountants, notaries, etc – up to the legal review and execution of the final notarial deed.
  • Furthermore, we have also handled a long-lasting litigation related to a real estate property located in a Greek island, in which complex issues had to be dealt with and multiple experts’ opinions were conducted by virtue of a preliminary Court decision.