Public Tender Procedures – Joint Ventures

The firm has considerable experience in public tender procedure issues.
The firm has represented clients in a wide range of public tender procedures offering advice on the current Greek legal regime, and has been actively involved in negotiating and drafting public contracts relating to major public works programmes and the 2004 Olympic Games. Against this background, the firm has offered substantive support to foreign clients (in additional to acquiring operating licenses for them) in structuring their corporate presence in Greece, particularly so via joint ventures with Greek partners.


Kriton Metaxopoulos, Managing Partner


Representative Cases:


• The firm supported a multinational catering services supplier in its participation: (a) in the tender procedure to acquire an operating licence and provide aircraft catering services at the Athens International Airport (AIA), (b) in the tender procedure to provide aircraft catering transport services at AIA, (c) in the tender procedure to run canteens at AIA and (d) in the tender procedure to run bars and restaurants at AIA.

• The firm supported a USA manufacturing firm in an Athens 2004 tender procedure for badges.

• The firm provided support to a fibre optics manufacturer with a leading position in the relevant market in a Hellenic Railways Organisation tender procedure to set up a fibre optics network between Patra and Thessaloniki.

• A leading foreign PC company was represented by our firm in all phases of an Athens 2004 tender procedure.

• The firm successfully represented the company which produced and distributed with great success the Athens 2004 Olympic Games DVDs and represented the same company in relation to the rights for the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics.