The firm also provides advice on taxation issues (in parallel with its general involvement with company law issues) and has considerable experience in how to avoid dual taxation and with the foreign exchange legislation as well as with all taxation issues relating to corporate law and intellectual property law.

Major issues of tax law recently handled by the firm:

  • Acting at first for a multinational dairy products industry and then for a multinational telecommunications company, the firm played a decisive role in resolving all corporate and tax issues and in obtaining an official position from the Greek taxation authorities in relation to the issue taxation of the transfer of shares contributed in kind in share capital increases of third companies.
  • Our firm provides to its clientele full advice on the fiscal aspects of their transactions.
  • During last year we provided tax advice to a wide range of high net worth individuals and also provided our advice on the fiscal treatment in Greece of royalties paid to professional artists and auteurs.
  • We advised one of our clients, Victory Media S.A., on the tax treatment of proceeds received by the exploitation of the DVD/video rights on Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, in the light of the agreement for the avoidance of double taxation between China and Greece. Finally, we represented one of our clients, a major rent a car company in a settlement concluded with the Municipality of Athens for the payment of a local tax imposed by the Municipality on, among others, rent a car companies.
  • We have also advised Russian nationals as well as Belgian nationals who inherited a real estate properties in Greece about the relevant tax regime and their obligations against the Greek Tax Authorities and we have represented them before the Tax Authorities.
  • We have drafted legal opinions for a UK national who is a tax resident of Greece and has several investments abroad.
  • We also provide on a regular basis tax advice to all our corporate clients such as Odeon, Victory Media, Avis Greece etc.