Agis Metaxopoulos, Founder

Agis Metaxopoulos †, 1927-2006

Agis Metaxopoulos, started practicing law by founding his own private practice as a “solo” practitioner in 1955, as it was common at that time. Soon, due to his artistic background and close friendship with some of the most prominent Greek authors and artists such as Manos Hadjidakis, Nikos Koundouros and later on Theo Aggelopoulos too, Agis decided to deal with an, unknown at that time in Greece, area of Law, that of Intellectual Property.

He became the synonym of IP rights protection in Greece and was often referred to by his fellow colleagues as the “Dean” of Intellectual Property rights’ practitioners.

In the beginning of his career (1963) he won a huge Intellectual Property case in Greece, representing the internationally renowned director Nikos Koundouros, in the first case that Greek Courts recognized the director as the creator of the audiovisual work. He managed to resolve several disputes in his career with only one aim; the maximum possible gain for all parties.

He served as a member of the «International Antipiracy Council of American Film Market Association» and a Special advisor to the Minister of Culture on issues of intellectual property and mass media law from 1979 to 1981.

Agis Metaxopoulos, founder of the firm, will be remembered as the leading IP practitioner in Greece for many years who also played a substantial role for a 1986 bill of law on issues related to the audiovisual industry which was warmly received by all the players of the industry.

His principles and “philosophy” are the foundations on which the partners and associates of our firm practice law today.