New developments in Norman Atlantic case

On 31/10/2019 the preliminary hearing in the criminal procedure concerning the case of Norman Atlantic has been concluded before the Italian Judicial Authorities, as a result of which, all suspects, without any exception, (30 persons and 2 companies) have been indicted and will be brought to trial. The main phase of the criminal trial will now start on February 26th 2020 before the Courts of Bari.

This development has marked an extremely important step forward regarding the progress of the criminal procedure, with the indictment of all suspects, namely of a significant number of crew members but also, and most importantly, of the two shipping companies.

The competent judge has also overruled all objections raised against our side’s request to appear in the criminal trial as civil claimants, on behalf of victims. Furthermore, the claim for compensation for our clients has been transferred from the civil trial to the criminal one.

 With the transition to the main phase of the criminal trial and the indictment of all suspects, the prospects for a fair and exemplary compensation for the damage suffered by all passenger are certainly increased, especially, of course, in case of the criminal conviction of the defendants.