Interview of Kriton Metaxopoulos about “Norman Atlantic” case

“Eleftheros Typos”, a widely distributed Greek Newspaper published on 17/11/2019 the interview of our Managing Partner Kriton Metaxopoulos along with an article regarding the new developments related to Norman Atlantic case. 

In brief:

  • On 26/02/2020 the trial begins. All 30+2 suspects of Norman Atlantic case indicted. (2 shipping companies, its owners and crew members).
  • From 40,000 up to 500,000 euro is the compensation already awarded to victims and relatives.
  • “First of all, we are satisfied with the outcome of the criminal procedure so far in Italy in view of the trial of those involved, starting in February. We truly believe that there will be a complete unveiling of the enormous criminal responsibilities of the suspects that led to this tragedy as well as for the totally failed manipulations during the rescue phase.”, Kriton Metaxopoulos, Lawyer of the rescued and relatives of victims.
  • Tragic errors occurred while loading the ship and organizing life-saving equipment.

You may see HERE the whole article