Article: “A financial ‘breath’ for the Film Industry” by our associate Panagiota Goula

Α financial “breath” for the film industry

A Common Ministerial Decision (Ν. 24907/2021 – Government Gazette – B’ 1820 / 29.04.2021) has been issued recently in Greece according to which a total amount of 8,000,000 euros will be granted as a support measure for cinemas and film distributors that have been affected by the restrictive measures due to Covid-19 pandemic, as part of the initiatives taken for the support of the sector of culture who has suffered particularly badly. According to members of the Government this program is part of a general plan of initiatives for the practical support of the sector of culture, with both horizontal and specialized measures.
According to this Decision, the beneficiaries are going to receive a fixed amount of € 4 per spectator / ticket irrespective of the ticket price and for a maximum number of 40 views per month, for the months October, November and December 2020, as follows:

1. In case the beneficiary business was operating for the whole or part of the period between October and November 2020, it will be supported with an amount corresponding to 20% of its total seats, as they arise from its operation authorisation,

2. In case the beneficiary business was not operating at all during this period, either because it was mandatory or by choice, it will be supported with an amount corresponding to 10% of its total seats, as they result from its operation authorization.

The beneficiaries that will receive the financial support are going to return a percentage of 20% of this within a period of three years in free of charge tickets to vulnerable groups of the population such as the disabled, the long-term unemployed, the single-parent families etc.
Furthermore, those who are going to receive financial support are required to maintain the same number of jobs they had on 6th of November 2020 for a period of one month from the date of their reopening.

Those interested for the financial support may submit an electronic application / declaration of inclusion in the financial support program through an electronic government platform.
Another support measure that has been approved by the Greek Minister of Culture and Sports is the special granting of an amount of 2.420.000 euros to the Greek Film Center.

Panagiota Goula, Associate
[email protected]