A. & K. Metaxopoulos and Partners has contributed the Greek Chapter of the new Global Guide to Advertising Law, published by GALA

We are proud to announce that our advertising team at A. & K. Metaxopoulos and Partners Law Firm has contributed the Greek Chapter to the third edition of “Advertising Law: A Global Legal Perspective” which has just been released by the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA).

A.& K. Metaxopoulos and Partners is the only Greek member of GALA, which is a leading global network of law firms with expertise in advertising and media law issues.

GALA’s guide to advertising law provides an overview of the laws governing advertising and marketing in more than 75 countries. With the laws governing marketing and advertising rapidly changing around the world, the updated guide addresses new legislation, self-regulatory guidance, and other important developments on a wide variety of topics, including social media marketing and influencers, environmental marketing, and artificial intelligence.

Organized by country, each chapter describes how advertising is regulated in that country as well as what self-regulatory systems are in place.  Each chapter also provides detailed information about other key advertising and marketing issues, including price advertising, prohibited practices, special clearance concerns, branded content, social media, and publicity rights.

Hard copies of the guide are available for purchase on Amazon. Digital copies may also be obtained for free directly from GALA.

You may read the Chapter for Greece HERE.