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Media Law International 2023:

A. & K. Metaxopoulos & Partners  was once again ranked as Top Tier Law Firm 2023 for Greece

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Media Law International 2022:

A. & K. Metaxopoulos & Partners  was once again ranked as Top Tier Law Firm 2022 for Greece

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MLI badge 2021

Media Law International 2021: Top Tier Law Firm 2021 for Greece

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Media Law International 2020:

A. & K. Metaxopoulos & Partners  was once again ranked as Top Tier Law Firm 2020 for Greece

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MLI badge 2016

Media Law International 2016: Α & K Metaxopoulos & Partners has a high profile reputation and corresponding client base. The media team is described by clients as “extremely professional and always delivers on objectives without exception”. The firm has strengthened its position with clients Thomson Reuters, Fromageries Bel, Hospira and Conde Nast and acquired new domestic clients including Mad Melody and 14 Music Co. Working with Irini Daroussou, managing partner Kriton Metaxopoulos advised a music content provider on agreements with licensors, musical authors and artists. Other work handled by the firm includes rights disputes and television advertising restrictions.

Media Law International 2015: A. & K. Metaxopoulos Law has a compelling presence with high-profile clients and diverse industry involvement. The team advises television broadcasters on complex copyright cases involving exploitation of audio-visual works. Kriton Metaxopoulos, who works closely with Irini Daroussou, leads the media division’s growth plans with the acquisition of new clients over the past 12 months, including Mad Melody, Mikel and 14 Music Co. In representative work, the team advised new local record label 14 Music Co. on publishing agreements with composers, lyricists, singers and musicians.

Media Law International 2014: A. & K. Metaxopoulos & Partners successfully handles multi-jurisdictional litigation for its media clients. Over the past two years the firm has acquired international clients including Thomson Reuters, Warner Music, Adidas and private Greek clients also. Kriton Metaxopoulos takes leadership over media related matters as the firm’s department head. Working with Irini Daroussou, Mr Metaxopoulos acted on behalf of Digital Press Hellas in a case before the German courts against a patent royalties claim worth EUR40 million. The complex case involved matters relating to an infringement claim filed outside of Greece on account of production and test purchase taking place in Germany. In other significant work, the firm achieved a favorable outcome for Warner Music Greece in a case against a Greek artist after the artist terminated his exclusivity agreement to sign with a direct competitor. Claims of unfair competition, economic and moral damages were upheld by the court ruling.