IAM Patent 1000

2020: Media, technology and IP firm A & K Metaxopoulos is home to some of the toughest litigators in the country. The past year has seen the set handle red-hot mandates for some of the biggest players in the industry, including a mandate for Digital Press Hellas which has made its way to the Supreme Court. Taking the lead on the latter, Kriton Metaxopoulos and Irini Daroussou routinely devise hard-hitting yet flexible strategies – a massive draw for those embroiled in complex disputes. “Easy to collaborate with and super responsive, Metaxopoulos has a fine understanding of commercial imperatives, works around clients’ key concerns and helps them navigate potential pitfalls.” The same can be said for Daroussou, whose expertise also extends to brokering lucrative licensing deals.

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2019: Things are going great guns at well-connected media, technology and IP firm A & K Metaxopoulos; in the past year, it has attracted multiple new clients, including Asian telecoms players and global drug companies. Such names are attracted by the ensemble’s strategic savvy and willingness to try new things, in addition to the firm’s outstanding track record. Kriton Metaxopoulos and Irini Daroussou are driving the practice forward with verve and vigour. In recent years, the pair have been representing Digital Press Hellas in its dispute with Philips over DVD production which went all the way to the Supreme Court. When the chips are down, these are the guys to call.

2018: A & K Metaxopoulos & Partners is renowned for its hand-in-glove collaboration with clients in the media technology world. Familiar with every nook and cranny of the entertainment industry, the firm’s professionals are never wrong-footed by opposing counsel. The technical mastery, creativity and rigour of name partner Kriton Metaxopoulos make him an obvious choice. However, fellow fighter Irini Daroussou is also extremely popular; she delivers exhaustive, practical, business-minded counsel on all aspects of the patent lifecycle.

2017: The nimble, forward-looking A & K Metaxopoulos comes into its own handling media technology patents. Kriton Metaxopoulos and Irini Daroussou are its leading lights, but it is also home to a strong pool of associates, all of whom are theoretically astute and embody the firm’s progressive, personal and cost-conscious ethos. Managing partner Metaxopoulos is a trusted guide of start-ups; his sage patent counsel comes laced with complementary company law expertise. The scholarly Daroussou puts her academic brilliance and strategic nous to fine use on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide.

2016: IP specialist A & K Metaxopoulos & Partners serves up a comprehensive patent menu to clients and has the versatility to cater to their wider commercial needs, too. It recently went up to bat for a major domestic DVD manufacturer in a high-stakes international spat against a patent pool. Seasoned litigator Kriton Metaxopoulos has instilled a refined commercial mind-set in his team; he also boasts useful ancillary expertise in copyright, entertainment and media law. Fellow partner Irini Daroussou writes extensively on IP matters and is respected for her academic prowess; when advising clients, however, her counsel is always resolutely pragmatic and easily implementable. Click here to view Iam Patent 100 report.

2014: “A & K Metaxopoulos & Partners’ participation in a series of pan-European court cases stole the limelight in 2013, and this cross-border experience has imbued the firm with a valuable big-picture perspective on complex contentious actions. “It is an established firm which is an important player in the IP realm.” Practice lynchpin Kriton Metaxopoulos is applauded for his commercial acumen, while rising star Irini Daroussou enjoys a growing profile on the Greek market.”

2013: “Over the years traditional commercial firm A & K Metaxopoulos & Partners Law Firm has garnered considerable experience in the patent arena, handling complex contentious matters at both a domestic and international level. The tone is set by managing partner Kriton Metaxopoulos, a seasoned litigator of 25 years’ standing. He takes the lead on the firm’s most high-profile suits – many of which have recently involved DVD technology. The team liaises effectively with technical experts from diverse sectors to provide the necessary expertise in each case. Irini Daroussou is something of an authority on multi-jurisdictional briefs”.